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Russian Language
Russian for Children
Maths, Piano, Art
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Wide range of tailor made courses for groups and individuals by Qualified and experienced teachers in the UK from Russian London Ltd.



*One to one Courses. Short and long term courses to suit the needs of every individual student from the very beginning to the advanced level.


*Business Russian. Courses focused on the developing of communication skills in business environment in England and Russia. Corporate clients as well as individuals are welcome!


* Specialized Programme for advanced learners, including finance, legal, mass media and other language support.


* Intensive Course. Basic Communicative Language for those intending to travel or work in Russia. We introduce you Russian culture and supply you with all the information. Feel confident and enjoy your time in Russia!


* Introduction to Russian Culture and History.


 * A-level and GCSE in Russian Language by the experienced teachers with the sufficient expertise with Edexel and AQA exam bodies.


* Wide range of Qualified Russian Speaking Teachers of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Music etc.



We offer all our clients premium rates for our exclusive services in the UK including translation and interpreting services, provision of support personnel during visit to Russia, conference and exhibition personnel for your guests in theUK as well as visa support, advertising and business consultancy.   


Транспортные услуги в Великобритании Мерседес S  класса


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Russian Language
Russian for Children
Maths, Piano, Art
English Language