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Russian London Language Services. Translation. Interpreting. Recruitment. Teaching. Tourism. Media.

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Консьерж услуги в Великобритании.
Консьерж услуги в Великобритании

Туристические Услуги в Великобритании
Туристические Услуги в Великобритании

Translating services

Translating services

If you are looking for high quality, fast turnaround and competitively priced translation service we are in the perfect position to provide a tailored solution to your requirements.

We always deliver high quality translations
Quality and fulfilment of deadlines guaranteed
We use mother-tongue translators
We guarantee 100% Confidence

We only use professional translators with a proven background in translation skills and techniques. They are all native speakers of the languages in which they work.

To ensure the highest quality, all translations are reviewed by an editor and a proofreader or an expert in the subject.


We also offer typesetting of your translation so that you end up with cohesive and professional-looking finished documents that can be provided in a variety of file formats to suit your needs.

Editing service

A separate native speaker edits your document. This ensures that your document is complete and accurate. Highly technical documents are put through second and third edits at no extra charge.

Proofing service

A native speaker will proofread your document for cultural adaptation, spelling and grammatical accuracy. The proofing process is the final step in quality assurance.

Website and software localization

Russian London Ltd provides technical translation, localization and high-quality engineering services at the right price to introduce and to sell your product in the international marketplace.
Multimedia and Software localization is a complex process of translation and adaptation of your software into another language
Russian London expert software localizers can provide you with a custom software localization solution for any platform--Windows 95 and NT, UNIX, and Macintosh.
We can assure the engineering and the quality assurance for your software, UI and UA interfaces, and provide you with interactive help files and the translation for your accompanying manuals. Formatting available for your manuals includes FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, PDF Acrobat files, and numerous other software.

· Software translation & panel resizing
· Online help files translation & compilation
· Documentation translation
· Application linguistic and/or functional testing
· Consultation and Design
Website Localization
Developing and marketing websites for business in all sectors is our specialization. We can translate your Websites professionally. Complete websites will be returned ready to be put on the Internet.
· Collaborative project planning/management 
· Focus on target audiences, demographics, brand positioning
· Translation, editing and proofreading

We ensure that all our translators in charge of Web site localization are native speakers of the language into which they translate. This way, they ensure that your Web site conforms to the target culture while they work.

Product Globalization
Product Globalization is the process by which your products are carefully evaluated, refined and finalized for dissemination into foreign markets. Through a collaboration of pre-production review and assessment, in-country cultural testing, and post analysis, Russian London can provide a detailed summary of your target audience's projected acceptance levels.
Russian London Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to meet all Software, Websites, Multimedia and product Localization requirements.

End-to-end professional language services – whether you require translation, proofreading, or an interpreter Russianlondon Ltd has the resources and the expertise to fulfil all of your linguistic needs


Агентство переводов
Агентство переводов Русский Лондон

Кадровое агентство Русский Лондон Поиск персонала
Кадровое агентство Русский Лондон Поиск персонала

Английская Премьер Лига 2008/2009 Расписание игр Билеты на матчи Челси, Арсенал,Ливерпуль, Манчестер Юнайтед
Календарь игр Английской Премьер Лиги
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