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Partnership / Russian London
RussianLondon.com Справочник Русская Британия

31st May 2009 | 6 vacancies | 53 registered candidates


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Partnership Agreement

Кадровое агентство Русский Лондон Поиск персонала
Кадровое агентство Русский Лондон Поиск персонала

Справочник Образование в Великобритании
Справочник Образование в Великобрит

Partnership Program

We want to share our success with you if you share your information and knowledge with us.

Our partnership program is available to everyone who at some point can come across any vacancy where Russian London Recruitment can provide candidates to the employers.

It might be variety of professional positions including: translators, teachers, and administrators, financial, legal or managerial vacancies. Or it can be non-skilled positions in construction, catering, hospitality, agriculture or factory vacancies.

It can be a multilingual vacancy where Russian (or any other FSU language is required) or vacancy in Russia, or position where some cultural knowledge required, but it is not all n

It can be within your current or previous place of work, your friend’s work place, and your client or just within your business sector.

Or you just happened to know about this vacancy by any other means (employment should be directly by employer and not through agency advertising)

Sometimes you don’t know anyone who might fit this position, or all of your friends wouldn’t be interested. Or you wouldn’t get any reward from employer if you introduce someone. Asking your friend for reward in procurement of this employment is not very appropriate either. What about if the person who was introduced by you will be unsuitable during interviews or even make a mess at work and will be fired in a week? Correct,  you will be blamed for that or at least you will lose some credibility. Do you need that aggravation? Sometimes there is even a conflict of interest and you want an independent consultancy to introduce your protégée.

The safe and confidential solution to introduce people without any risk to your current employment or reputation with guaranteed reward is to be a partner of Russian London Recruitment.

HR Manager or any other decision maker

What we guarantee

We guarantee payment to you a percentage or agreed sum as a result of successful placement of the candidate

We guarantee confidentiality. Your name will never be mentioned under any circumstances neither to the company not to candidates.

We guarantee to inform and update you about the status of this placement.

We guarantee not to let you down

Our standard terms of partnership contract.

We agree to pay you 5% of the annual salary of the employed person

Example: We will pay you £ 1.500 if employed person salary is £ 30.000 per annum.

How can you get involved?

If you company has recruitment or employment needs for personnel where do think our agency can provide such placements

You can pass our details directly to the HR Manager or any other person who is directly involved in employment for your company or decision making process.

After that please fill in this form

If you still have any questions please contact our recruitment manager to discuss any aspect of this partnership

You will be kept informed

You will be informed and kept up to date with the following facts:

  1. Employer has contacted us
  2. Employer has accepted our TOB
  3. Employer conducts interview with our candidates
  4. Employer has offered employment to our candidate
  5. Employer has paid introductory fees or salaries in respect to the personnel
Employer has permanently accepted candidate after probation period.

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Russian London Luxury Guide
Russian London Luxury Guide


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