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Кадровое агентство Русский Лондон Поиск персонала
Кадровое агентство Русский Лондон Поиск персонала

Справочник Образование в Великобритании
Справочник Образование в Великобрит


Tax Matters
We aim to get all of our temporaries onto the correct tax code as quickly as possible. If you're in possession of the tax form P45, hand it to our  consultant with your first timesheet. If you don't have a P45, then we'll provide you with form P46 for your completion. You may be taxed at a higher rate until we're notified by the tax office as to what your tax code should be.
If you're a student we'll provide you with form P38. This will exempt you from paying tax during school holidays or until you reach the single persons tax threshold. If you're starting your first employment since leaving full-time education, we'll provide you with form P46. If eligible, this signed declaration will authorise our payroll department not to tax you until you've reached your earnings threshold.
If you're a married woman paying reduced National Insurance contributions, please let us have your certificate of election. If you're over retirement age (60 years for women and 65 years for men), please let us have your certificate of exemption.

Timesheet & Payment Details
We'll always aim to pay you promptly and efficiently. To help us you'll need to complete timesheets on a weekly basis, running from Monday to Sunday inclusive. Timesheets must be authorised by your direct supervisor or a person in authority, designated by the client, before being returned to Russian London Recruitment office. The latest that timesheets can be received in order for your pay to be processed on time each week is 10am Monday morning.
Your start and finish times should always be calculated to the nearest 15 minutes, as your pay will be rounded up or down to the nearest quarter hour. You will be paid the hourly rate as agreed with your consultant before each assignment which is subject to deductions for National Insurance, PAYE or any other purpose required by law.
Payment will be made automatically into your bank or building society on Fridays, weekly in arrears. You will need to complete a BACS form, supplied by your consultant and to return it with your first timesheet.
Your timesheet for the following week can either be collected from Russian London office at the end of the week; it will be posted to your chosen address, or to download it from online.

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Russian London Luxury Guide
Russian London Luxury Guide


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